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May 2020, June 2020, July-August 2020, June-August 2021, February Vacation 2022 June-August 2022

Advanced Registration Required

Want to try 3D printing in a class but worried about social distancing and face mask? Try our virtual 3D printing programs from the comfort of your home!

Our virtual programs are fun, interactive, and eye-opening. Also, you will receive 3D prints of your designs in mail. Show your 3D prints to your friends and remote family members. The fun stays long after you finish our class. BTW, our interactive online teaching program won a remote learning prize summer 2020. Click here for our fabulous contest entry

Toysinbox 3D Printing is located in Wellesley MA. We have been offering 3D printing & 3D modeling fun activities to K-12 students in schools, libraries, conferences across the nation and in our store since 2015. Tens of thousands people have enjoyed our fun activities. What are you waiting for?

Zoom Workshop: 3D Design & 3D Print Your Name Keychain

Available from August 8th to August 20th (9am-10:am; 11am-12pm; 1pm-2:00pm)

Available age groups: 8-9; 10-11; 12 and up

* * A Toysinbox associate will first briefly introduce you to 3D printing. * *

* * Then, they will guide you to 3D model a name keychain. * *

* * Once you finish the keychain 3D model, we will 3D print it out in two colors. * *

* * One color for the letters and a different color for the base. * *

* * We stream your keychain printing process for you to see. * *

* * Your keychain will be shipped to you via USPS in 1 business day after the workshop. * *

* * Each workshop is about 1 hour long and is great for ages 8-9 and up. * *

* * $29/person, keychain shipping, handling charges, and one metal ring all included. * *

* * Great for Grade 3 and up * *

3D Printing Summer Camp Zoom Programs 2022

click image for more details.

Zoom Class Rules

1. Advance registration is required. Please register ALL members of your party.
2. For every two children registered, one adult must be present.
3. Act as if you are in a classroom - sit upright, pay attention, follow directions, and take turns speaking.
4. Be prepared - set up and be ready BEFORE joining the Zoom class - make sure your video and audio are working.
5. Toys, video games, cellphones, and pets are NOT allowed.
6. Wear appropriate clothing - we can all see you (or turn your video off)!
7. Choose an appropriate space at home to participate - no distractions and background noise (we can see and hear everything going on behind you...or turn your video off).
8. Turn your microphone ON when you are given permission and “called on” to speak - turn it OFF again when you’re finished.
9. When you have a question, type in the chat and wait for us to call on you.
10. Do not share your screen unless told by the instructor.
11. Stay focused - don’t introduce irrelevant distractions.
12. Participate - try to stay the entire time.
13. Please arrive 5 minutes before the class starts.
14. If your schedule changes, or you or anyone in your party can no longer attend, please email
15. Zoom camps offerings are seasonal. If the spots have all been filled, please request one and we might open new sessions.

Advance registration is required. Select your time.
and let us know the time and program you want to register,
we will send you a paypal invoice and you can pay online.
Please contact with questions and for registration.

Come and get fantastic 3D printing objects for yourself and your loved ones! Start talking about 3D printing !