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2024 Toysinbox 3D Printing Show

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Come and enjoy the 3D printing fun! This 3D printing show is a family-friendly event designed to educate and inspire K-12 students in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

It is geared towards hands-on activities and demonstrations and will take place on the selected dates through 2024 at Toysinbox 3D Printing Store located in Wellesley, MA. New dates will be added per our schedule permits. Click here to check out the show writeup (1)

We have four showrooms and have included more than 30 hands-on interactive exhibits. Our show is fun, unique, and educational. Check the list below to see whether you might enjoy it.


There are four packages that you choose from: Super Pack, Joy Pack, Happy Pack, Light Pack and Chaperon.

Type Super Joy Happy Light Chaperon
3D Design & 3D Print Name Keychain
Working with 3D Printer to Make Colorful Miniature
Doodle with 3D Pen
Coloring 3D Printed Tag
Presentation on 3D Printing
General Exhibit

1) Door entry is reserved for ticket holders only. There is no ticketing at the door.
Please reserve your tickets online. See links for purchase below.

2) There is no waiting area for non-ticket chaperons as we try to leave our show visitors more space to move around.
Wellesley Public Library is next door. It is a terrific place to visit and read a book
if one wants to stay in the area to wait for event-attendees.

Show Times: Jan 6, 28; Feb 20-22; March 9, 16; April 7, 14, 16, 18; May 11; Sep 15
(More dates will be added if time permits.)

Show Locaton: 1 Cameron Street, Wellesley, MA 02481

Ticket Price: $7/person ~ $28/person
Ticket for May 11th, 2024 Click here to purchase

Please plan a Minimum 1 hour stay

Attending as a group(10+)? Email or call us for more information.

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